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To awaken the wild love of Jesus by discipling nations

Uniquely Woven

Jangu Omulise, which means Come to Bloom, is a weekly gathering of pregnant mamas that consists of fellowship, an encouraging word, assessing needs, and prayer. We provide education in prenatal health and childcare. We are also able to provide medical kits for birth, thanks to our partnership with Mercy for Mamas.

To make our Jangu Omulise program more personal, we weekly visit individual mamas in their homes. We love to spend time meeting their families, hearing their stories, reading the Word, fellowshipping and praying with them. 

Uniquely Woven is a ministry arm that focuses on equipping women to rise from the darkest places into the light of Christ, ministering throughout the Namuwongo community. We believe in preventing the next orphan by providing a healthy pregnancy and a safe birth for pregnant mamas throughout the community.

We are walking alongside women as they prepare to provide for themselves and their families and unleashing women to change their homes, communities, and world. 


To awaken the wild love of Jesus by discipling nations